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The challenge is for anyone to sincerely deny that the interaction & camaraderie displayed here
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is, at the very least, a form of "undue influence"!

Truly, a Picture Speaks a Thousand Words ...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Hate so Vile ...

Chabad-Lubavitch is an Orthodox Jewish Movement which totally, and blindly, supports the modern State of Israel.

In fact, it not only supports "Israel" - with it's present, undefined, borders - but in particular, it fervently promotes the dream of "Eretz Yisroel" (i.e. Greater Israel: From the Litani river in the North [i.e. Lebanon] to the river Nile in the south [i.e. Egypt] to the Euphrates in the West [i.e. Iraq]) ... "War on Terror" anyone? ...

They believe ardently - for example - that the Palestinians (A word which Zionists generally refuse to use) are not living on an inter-generational homeland which is now occupied by the government of Israel, but instead that they - the "Arabs on Israel's doorstep" - are in fact "illegally" occupying Jewish land. ... What Chutzpah!

And indeed, the land on which the Palestinians reside (i.e. the West Bank and the Gaza Strip) in the language of Orthodox and secular-political Zionists, is known - and referred too within Israel itself - only by it's respective Biblical names, "Judea" and "Samaria" ...

In the Zionist psyche, "Palestine" literally does NOT exist.

When former Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir, stated infamously that there is, "...no such thing as a Palestinian people... They didn't exist.", she did not mean that a people calling themselves "Palestinians" did not exist, full stop; she was not being "delusional", or even callous in the way that most people understood that quote... What she meant was that Israel does not recognize the Arabs living under it's occupation as being "Palestinians", but rather, as "Jordanians", "Syrians", or some other Arab Nationality ...

You see, in this way the Palestinian claim to Palestine is obliterated before it can even be argued legitimately (i.e. If they have no real claim to the land, which - by Zionist logic - is "proven" by the fact that "Palestine" does not, and never has, existed; then what the heck are they doing there at all?!)

Using this logic, one can then argue that the Arabs residing within historical Palestine are actually "criminals", who by their very existence threaten the State of Israel, because - as they have no "legitimate" claim to the land, they are effectively occupying Israeli land illegally. And this logic in turn justifies Israel's brutal and harsh treatment of those same Palestinians... Evil stuff, eh?

So, this is just a small taste of some of the vile, racist notions consumed and taught by the fanatical Lubavitchers, and their secular political brethren, both within Israel, and in the United States.

Before we close, it is important to note that followers of the racist "Rebbe" (who stated explicitly that Jews and Gentiles are completely different "species") have been extremely close with, not just the present U.S. Administration, but with ALL U.S. Administrations, from the time of Nixon onwards!

We must therefore, ask ourselves:

What sense does it make, that the leaders of America - the so-called beacon of Democracy and "free-speech" in today's world - are (from minor Congressmen to the President himself) absolutely enthralled and enamoured by a group of men, who unapologetically view themselves (and those of their ethnicity), as being of a "superior" genetic stock; greater than all other ethnic groups?!

A group of men who have a proven track-record of cold-hearted, psychotic enmity towards any and all who disagree with them... Whose literature is so vile, that even noted Jewish Professors have rejected it outright as being against core human values of equality and egalitarianism ...

Why would ANYONE ally themselves with such arrogant bigots?


...Unless the reality is that those 'bigots' actually hold an enormous influential sway over those U.S leaders; whether it be through blackmail (Honeypot anyone?), or just sheer greed on our leaders' part...

Think about it for a while... Nay, dwell on it.

And if the photos on this Blog do not convince you, then imagine that, instead of the fanatical Rabbi's of Lubavitch-fame swamping U.S leaders like groupies all over their favourite rock stars - ... imagine that it was instead Muslim Imams & Sheikhs frolicking about the Whitehouse and the Halls of Congress and the Senate... Go on! Do it... and see how your perception and assessment of the situation changes dramatically; then you will come to know the reality in which we currently reside.

And in the mean time, here are some more photos for us to ponder...

They are of members of the Chabad-Lubavitch on the Lebanon/Israeli border (i.e. the "frontline") during the recent violent occupation of that land by Israel.

We all saw the sickening photos of young Jewish girls signing off on rockets of death which were then fired into Lebanon, massacring hundreds of innocent women and children ... but not too many saw the following pictures of fully grown men; laughing and celebrating at the slaughter of innocents which was taking place across their very border...

I think it reflects the reality of their souls, while revealing their true intent for humankind; if only they are given the chance to express it.

Truly, a picture - as they say - speaks a thousand words:

The yellow flag in the above photo is the flag of the Chabad-Lubavitch:

The illustration in the center of the flag is of a King’s Crown, which is a reference to the supposed coming of the Messiah, or “Moschiach”. It is believed that when he returns, all the world will be made to submit to his will.

Essentially, and importantly, for all Goyyim (i.e. non-Jews), it will mean:

Submit to Noachian Law, or die.”

And if you don't know what that means, then Google "Noahide Laws Off with Your Head"



"Even the best of the Gentiles should all be killed."
Rabbi Simon ben Yohai, Talmud, Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This wont be settled till they fight it out, You can say there evil and they will say your evil but what does it matter, The Arabs hate the Jews the Jews Hate the Arabs, All this crap about who's land this is or that is Bah!

Its to a point now that it can only be settled by a war, Do you think the Jews will give away Jerusalem because you say so, Did you give the Jews Jerusalem, No, They took it!. So if you want it your gonna have take it! and this time When you try hopefully one side or the other will get wiped out and all this crap can come to a end, well at least untill the Arabs say that Spain is rightfully theres and the Spainards need to get the hell out!

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how nice. when ever arab or muslims do wrong justice has to be fulfilled. but when ever they are on the wrong end of justice (slaughtered and killed) then just let them fight it out. bosnia, chechnia, palestine...nice logic

4:57 AM  

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