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Observing the Return of the Pharisees & the Revival of "Eretz Yisroel"
through the Manipulation of Gentile Leaders ...

The challenge is for anyone to sincerely deny that the interaction & camaraderie displayed here
- between all manner of world leaders & members of the ultra-Zionist, Chabad-Lubavitch -
is, at the very least, a form of "undue influence"!

Truly, a Picture Speaks a Thousand Words ...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Of Senators & Congressmen ...

Congressman Tom Davis Jr.

...Heading a Lubavitch Ceremony.


Congressman Eric Cantor

...Celebrates with representatives of Lubavitch.


Congressman Adam Schiff
...Declares his support for the Lubavitch Movement.

Congressman Pete Viscolsky
...With Rabbi Eliezer Zalmanov of the Lubavitch Movement.

(Former Vice-President) Senator Al Gore
...Sits with representatives of the Jewish Supremacist Movement, Lubavitch.

Senator Joseph Lieberman
...Accepts an Award from the Washington-Based Organisation, "Friends of Lubavitch" ...

Senator Bob Dole
...Visits followers of the extremist Orthodox Lubavitch Movement.

Senator Ted Kennedy
...Even he can not avoid representatives of this Jewish Supremacist group!

Senator Norm Coleman
...On the tenth anniversary of the Rebbe's death this Senator invited Lubavitcher Rabbi, Moshe Feller, to the Senate to perform the opening prayer, in order to mark the "occasion" ...


Senator Rudy Boschowitz
...At yet another Lubavitch Award Ceremony (Note the picture of the racist "Rebbe" in the background...)


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