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Observing the Return of the Pharisees & the Revival of "Eretz Yisroel"
through the Manipulation of Gentile Leaders ...

The challenge is for anyone to sincerely deny that the interaction & camaraderie displayed here
- between all manner of world leaders & members of the ultra-Zionist, Chabad-Lubavitch -
is, at the very least, a form of "undue influence"!

Truly, a Picture Speaks a Thousand Words ...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Of Governors & Mayors ...

Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush (Brother of George W. Bush)

...Meeting with representatives of the Zionist Lubavitch Movement.


Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger

...Receives a Jewish Menorah on the steps of the State Capitol, again, from representatives of the Lubavitch Movement.


Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich

...Flanked by Members of the Jewish Supremacist Lubavitch Movement.


Governor of Nevada, Kenny Guinn

...Shores up a beneficial friendship.


Governor of Rhode Island, Donald L. Carcieri


Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty

... and Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman (far right) celebrate.


Governor of New Mexico, William Blaine 'Bill' Richardson

... with yet another member of the Chabad Lubavitch.


Governor of Pennsylvania Edward G. Rendell

...The Jewish Governor doing his duty before Lubavitch representatives.


Governor of Maine, John Baldacci


Governor William Averell Harriman

...Just in case your under the false impression that all this sinister camaraderie between U.S Government Officials and the fanatically Zionist Chabad-Lubavitchers is a recent phenomenon, this is a photo of the former Governor of New York with Lubavitcher Rabbi, J.J Hecht, circa 1955 ...


Former Mayor Blue Ash, Ohio, Rick Bryan

...leaves his mark.


Mayor of North Brunswick, New Jersey, David D. Spaulding


Mayor of Tacoma, Washington, Bill Baarsma

...And then-Governor-elect Dino Rossi attempting to garner yet more favour ...


Mayor of Pheonix, Arizona, Phil Gordon


Former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani

...Giving a speech at a Lubavitcher "Award" Ceremony (That’s The “Rebbe” [i.e. Rabbi Schneerson: Former Leader of the extremist Lubavitch Movement] in the painting behind him).


Governor of New York, George Pataki

...At the same Lubavitcher “Award” ceremony. Inset: Hillary Rodham Clinton (Wife of Bill Clinton) was also in attendance (Again, note picture of the racist "Rebbe" [i.e. "Teacher"] in the background).


Former Mayor of New York, Ed Koch

...Meeting with the Rebbe himself.



Anonymous John Liozeris said...

America, can you spell 'cult'?

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Peter Wakefield Sault said...

Beautifully researched. A real eye-opener. Just love those gangster uniforms they all wear.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic information Amalekite.

Merry Christmas.

A. Epiphanies

7:14 AM  

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